DJ Casper at MBLV18!

September 26, 2013 by Mobile Beat

DJ Casper is returning to MBLV with workshop and performance for all the DJs.  Check out the video below for more information!


What’s up? This is DJ Casper, y’all. You’ve seen me two years ago in Las Vegas; now I’m back by popular demand.  For all the DJs all over — all around the world, all around the country — we’re talking about MBLV18 Conference in Las Vegas, February, y’all. It’s going to be off the chain! Hey!  And this is something new. I’ve got a brand new DVD done by myself and Cupid, y’all. Make sure you pick that up while you’re there.

Hey, it’s time to do it, y’all! It’s time to do it! I’ve got a heck of a workshop that I definitely want you all to come and attend. It’s called the “The Line Dance Lesson.” This is how we do it. Me and Montell Jordan will be there; myself with a host of others. Also, don’t forget — DJs, brand new CD. You’ve got to come out and you’ve got to come get it.  I’ll see you at MBLV18 Conference in Las Vegas in February. Hey y’all, come on! Let’s do it!



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