Dancing with the Stars By: Geoff Short

January 11, 2012 by CHAUVET DJ

The comfort zone.  We all have one.  As secure as the comfort zone is for most of us, it can be the most UN-comfortable place for growth and improvement to take place.  That’s because the biggest thing in the comfort zone is the status quo.

Just ask any of the celebrities who have appeared on the ABC hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars”.  Like it or hate it, DWTS has lessons that all of us DJs could benefit from.  Those who would dismiss the show as an embarrassing display of second class semi-celebs stumbling over themselves in tights are missing the bigger picture.  Almost none of these contestants have ever ballroom danced in their lives, let alone in front of millions of people week after week.  But they somehow managed to face their fears (albeit with the encouragement of a big pay day), overcome their embarrassment and spend countless hours rehearsing and performing something they never would have dreamed about before.

And then a funny thing happens. They get better.

They also get in shape, gain confidence and discover courage in themselves they never knew they had.

Oh yeah…and they get to be on prime time TV enough times to actually earn the title “star”.

Many DJs have had a lot of success doing things the way they’ve always done them.  Consulted clients the same. Set up their gear the same.  Made MC announcements and   handled reception elements the same. How much more success might they have just by trying to do things in new ways customized and personalized for their clients based on who those clients are as opposed to the same old way of running a “gig”? I wonder if it would be uncomfortable for these DJs to take a dance class, audition for a community theatre production, hit the gym for a good work out, or…..watch Dancing with the Stars?

What kind of a DJ star could you be if you danced your way out of your comfort zone?


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