Cupid to Rock MB Vegas Again with “Old School”


The performance by Cupid (of “Cupid Shuffle” fame) at last year’s 2011 American DJ Customer Appreciation Party was such a big hit that he has been invited back for the 2012 edition of the original Vegas DJ show, MBLV17 (Feb. 4-7, 2013). Don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” as Cupid introduces his new track, “Old School,” to the DJ community. He has created a unique mix of dance moves to go with the song that will have crowds packing dance floors everywhere!

Download a FREE MP3 of the track by clicking here, and look for a video coming soon that shows all the dance moves. You won’t have to wait to start teaching your audiences the dance!

PLUS… Look for an announcement this week about a contest that could bring Cupid to one of your school dances this spring to perform a mini-concert! More information can be found at or specifically for this appearance at



  1. Love his version of “Teach Me How To Wobble”. The entire CD is EPIC. Great family friendly music and line dancing. We should have him on stage on Feb 4, 2013 for the 90′s party.

    John Rozz

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