Create BIG Events for Larger Profits

August 25, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

Have you ever been to a concert before? I know that is a redundant questions!

But think about the enormous amount of equipment that is used to create that concert – Staging, Sound equipment, Lighting, Special effects, Video screens, transportation just to name a few. What does all of this & many other elements that are there to make it happen have in common?

They all come from different sources & are brought together to make the whole experience!

Take this same idea & apply it to smaller events that you are or could be a part of every week.Picture2

Go after the larger College concerts. We approached a local college that was looking to host a concert for back to school a year ago. They knew nothing about producing such a large event. After meeting with the committee, they decided to hire me to plan, produce & coordinate a concert. It was a BIG task. From establishing a needs analysis to helping them select an actual performer.

Once they decided on T-Pain, we had to make an official offer to an agent to book him! Negotiating the terms & needs on the contract as well as the rider was my responsibility. Once the offer was accepted, now we have to secure the vendors – Staging, sound, lighting, fencing, port-o-lets, security, generators, transportation, etc. 94k later we have a concert!

I’m not suggesting that you go after such a large endeavor first. Try to work with a company or organization that wants to book a regional act for their fundraiser. Maybe a Non-profit needs help with their yearly gala that books a band or two for the entertainment?

Having vendor partners established, learning from experience from previous events & being able to talk the language gives you the ammunition to go after the BIG Events!


Geoff Carlisle Geoff Carlisle (18 Posts)

Geoff Carlisle has owned and operated JAMM Entertainment Services, Inc in the Birmingham, Alabama area for over 33 years. His company does over 400 events a year including Full Event Production, Energetic DJs, Photo Booths & Décor Lighting. They specialize in creating a custom design approach for each client and. Overall JAMM Entertainment Services will provide event services for a wide range of clients this year including Colleges, Schools, Weddings, Corporate & Non-Profit Organizations. Geoff is also special in the DJ industry as he was the co-presenter of the School dance seminar at the first Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference in 1997, since then he has spoken at several other Mobile Beat DJ shows, & collaborated with many national entertainment company owners.

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