Crazy DJ Book Sales – #3 with Hosting and A Different Spin!

March 25, 2013 by Mobile Beat

After an incredible response to our first 2Crazy sales, we’ve decided to offer some of our newer titles as well: 2 books releasedwithin the last 2 years, which both flew out of the MB Bookstore at MBLV16.

Hosting for DJs is Josh Yawn’s great primer on proper MC skills.
A Different Spin is MB cofounder Mike Buonaccorso’s insider history of the Mobile DJ industry.Two recent titles not to be missed…and with this CRAZY DEAL, why would you?

Hosting (MC Skills) and A Different Spin (DJ Industry History Book)


$20 Set including Shipping

Hosting For DJs by Josh Yawn – Was $14.95

Josh Yawn has been a host to national television audiences, Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of happy couples. This book is a collection of the education found in each of those journeys, applied and tailored to the mobile disc jockey. Hosting for DJs is an often-humorous but always-honest look into the art of hosting from Josh’s unique perspective. No matter how long you’ve been a DJ, you WILL take away valuable knowledge to better your performance and create and incomparable new branding for your business – guaranteed! Featuring foreword written by television host & producer Marc Summers.

A Different Spin by Michael Buonaccorso – Was $24.95

History & Mystery for DJs

  • Was a monkey once trained to be a Mobile DJ?
  • Who developed a line of DJ speakers in red,yellow,purple, and two shades of blue?
  • Will the Soho section of New York City be the future site of the Mobile DJ Museum?
  • Who was widely acclaimed as the world’s first Mobile DJ but after his death in 2011 was exposed for his criminal life?
  • What does jet fuel have to do with DJ technology?
  • In 1997, how did the release of the motion picture “Titanic” spur a DJ craze? Or did it?
  • Just who was the Mobile DJ’s “Shock Jock” and what did he say to cause such a controversy?
  • Did an overseas crime syndicate once flood the DJ market with illegal music?
  • What was the largest scandal ever involving Mobile Beat Magazine,and who were the players?

Find the real stories behind these events and much,much more in A Different Spin: The DJ History Book By Michael Buonaccorso “A Different Spin” is a riveting, behind the scenes exploration of the Mobile DJ industry. The author, Michael Buonaccorso co-founded Mobile Beat Magazine in 1991, and created the Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conferences.The info and ideas presented in the book are the result of the author’s day by day, year by year hammering away at making a career in the DJ world. Mobile Beat’s current Editor-in-Chief, Dan Walsh, had this to say about “A Different Spin”: “Mike’s writing certainly is
sharp…It slices with clear spoken truth and wry wit–wit that might sting some, but for the general public, will make this trip through Mobile DJ history an enjoyable journey with an entertaining guide.”

Click Here To Order Now – $20 Set including Shipping

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