Combining Forces

January 1, 2013 by Dagan White

Combining Forces
CHAUVET DJ is set to introduce nearly 30 new products, showcasing the latest fixtures designed mobile entertainers in a booth constructed using nearly 300 pieces of versatile TRUSST trussing.
In addition to the launch of the new CORE series of high-impact fixtures, new additions are set to join the Intimidator series of powerful moving
heads and scanners,
the Freedom series of
wireless, battery-operated
fixtures and the
SlimPAR series of low-
profile wash lights.
An effect light and
fogger in one unit, the
Geyser RGB makes
a bold statement as it
blasts a vertical stream
of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating
it with 21 high-power, 3-watt RGB LEDs. Another combo
unit, the Scorpion Burst
GB merges the visual appeal
of a scanning graphics laser and the room-filling coverage of a burst-style laser into
one product. 147-156 Blue and green
lasers project up to 24 integrated graphic effects, while a
burst filter replicates the effect and projects it around the room.
For more these, and CHAUVET DJ’s other exciting debuts, please visit them online.


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