Colin Cowie Sez: Opt for a Fantastic DJ

April 3, 2009 by Andy Ebon

budget-savvy-bride-GM.jpgIn a set of recommendations on, 7 Tips For The Budget-Savvy Bride, acclaimed wizard Colin Cowie Tip #4 is:

“4. Opt for a fantastic DJ
Instead of a big orchestra band, find a great DJ who can create great background music and just as easily keep the guests moving on the dance floor.”

These days, when most couples shop for music, they usually have a preference: Band, orchestra or DJ. However, as Colin suggests, if a bride’s budget is not sufficient for a great band, it should still be large enough for a great DJ.

Music plays a disproportionate role in the success of a wedding reception.

What do you think of Cowie’s recommendation? Agree? Disagree? Your comments?

Do you think the published opinions of industry experts have significant impact on the decision making of brides? Does high-level advice trump effective wedding marketing?

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

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