CHAUVET® DJ flaunts new products at MBLV17

January 31, 2013 by Outside Release

SUNRISE, Fla. – Fresh from its successful presentation at NAMM 2013, CHAUVET® DJ brings the latest in LED technology to mobile entertainers at MBLV17, including new 100% wireless Freedom™ wash lights, the battery-operated EZ™ series, BEAMbar™, Intimidator™ Spot Duo, Intimidator™ Spot LED 450, Core™ pixel-mapping fixtures, plus two mobile trussing solutions, TRUSST® Arch Kit and Goal Post Kit

CHAUVET® DJ continues to lead the wireless LED revolution with the addition of four new Freedom™ wash lights: Freedom™ Strip Mini RGBA, Freedom™ Par RGBA, Freedom™ Par Quad-5 and Freedom™ Strip Mini Quad-5. Discreet and lightweight, they give plenty of flexibility to the entertainer on the go, with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs for up to 20 continuous hours, an IRC remote for easy point-and-shoot wireless control and a built in D-Fi™ transceiver for wireless DMX communications. In addition to the standard black housing, Freedom™ Par Quad-5 is available in a white casing which makes it ideally suited for wedding venues.

Also new and cable-free are the battery-operated and highly mobile EZrail™ RGBA and EZpar™ 64 RGBA. EZrail™ RGBA is a linear wash light fitted with 160 RGBA LEDs and controllable in up to four sections. EZpar™ 64 RGBA has 180 RGBA LEDs and is available with a black or white casing to blend in to any environment. Both also come with a free IRC point-and-shoot remote controller.

The new BEAMbar™ joins the CHAUVET® DJ line of products with a 4-degree beam angle to emit narrow, razor-sharp beams of white light for crisp visual effects. Fitted with five, 6-watt white LEDs, it includes full pixel control to easily create eye-catching sweeps, animations and runway effects. Or, to build a massive matrix, combine several units using the CBB-6 mounting bracket.

Joining the acclaimed Intimidator™ line, Intimidator™ Spot Duo combines two independently controllable moving heads on a bar that is easy to rig on a truss or mount on a tripod. This dynamic duo features independent color and gobo wheels for a variety of projections and mid-air effects. Also new to the series is the ultra-bright Intimidator™ Spot LED 450, with a commanding output from three white, 60-watt LEDs and remarkably sharp optics. This feature-packed moving head includes a motorized focus to project crisp, rotating gobos, a rotating, 3-facet prism to split the beam and cover even larger areas and easily interchangeable gobos for custom looks.

The new Core™ series, which includes Core™ 3×3 and Core™ 3×1, combines a pixel-mapping effect, blinder effect and a powerful LED wash into one fixture for the ultimate in eye candy. Powered by individually controllable tri-color (RGB) LEDs with chip-on-board technology, it utilizes a unique reflector cup to produce large pixels of light and create intriguing sweeping and chasing effects.

CHAUVET® DJ offers two mobile trussing solutions to hang backdrops or rig lights and achieve a professional look in minutes. TRUSST® Arch Kit and TRUSST® Goal Post Kit are lightweight, non-corrosive and travel-ready trussing kits that assemble and tear down quickly, thanks to numbered sections. Custom-designed VIP Gear Bags to carry the kits on the road are also available.

The 20-by-30 foot CHAUVET® DJ booth (#501) will be constructed using nearly 150 pieces of TRUSST® — the rugged, easy-to-use trussing system backed by Chauvet.


CHAUVET® DJ is a premier line of entertainment lighting, controllers and accessories for the mobile performer, DJs, clubs, corporate events and more — offering the most value in the industry. For more information, please visit


CHAUVET®, headquartered in the U.S., is a leading manufacturer of professional luminaires fulfilling the needs of various industry sectors. CHAUVET® has four main sub-brands CHAUVET® DJ, CHAUVET® Professional, ILUMINARC® and TRUSST® that share the unified strategy to pursue every market segment where it has a competitive advantage in terms of value, innovation and performance, with an emphasis on LED technology. For more information, please visit


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