Bringing Families Together With The Grand Entrance

November 28, 2007 by Scott Faver

A marriage is the coming together of two families. From the wedding day forward they will be one big happy family. What we do as entertainers to prove this to the audience ingratiates our services to all who experience our performance(s).

As an enhancement to Peter Merry and Randy Bartlett’s personalized introductions, I like to choreograph the manner in which those being introduced walk into the room. Instead of just falling onto the dance floor, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, wondering where to stand, go, etc. There is a plan for each person, couple or group.

When I introduce the bride’s parents I have them stand on the dance floor. Then the groom’s parents come in and stand next to the bride’s parents. I say, “Two families that are now one” and the four parents hold hands, raise their hands over their heads (still holding hands) and then all four bow together.

It brings the house down and brings home the point that just like the bride and groom, the two families are now joined as one.

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