Breaking News! Back to school makes headlines coast to coast

August 31, 2010 by Ric Hansen

Television news rooms (MSNBC does this story) are charged with the task of making the nightly news compelling. Be local. Be timely. Dwell on the controversial. The perfect ingredients for a headline story about the confrontation that is a big part of back to school again this year: FREAK DANCING. Although the face-off between administrators and students regarding dance behavior at school dances has been an on-going issue for the past several years, the cameras and talking heads are back at it, making “grinding” a big back-to-school news item. After all, if there is no teachers strike, what back to school stories are there that have the magic ingredient of controversy.

So news flash: The headlines will roll once again with the stories of “grinding” at school dances that will inflame a whole new crop of students, and infuriate their respective parents….leaving the administrator in the middle to arbitrate and make homecoming a “respectable” school social event. Without the big fuss would the tension ease and the problem slowly diminish. Who knows. I do know it doesn’t help. Details at 11.

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