Blacklights– a small investment with high ROI!

May 17, 2012 by Arnoldo Offermann

Black lights are becoming more affordable than ever, and there’s more mobile available each day!
Each type (LED, fluorescent, discharge, etc) offers its own unique pros and cons.

No matter what you choose, the opportunities are still there. Black Light shows are a money maker and can create an entirely new show with a minimal investment!

The first and most obvious are school dances. Black lights can fit into so many themes or transform an ordinary theme into a club theme that students will love. We have done black lights with Tekno Bubbles (our most popular option) that sends everyone into a frenzy. NOTHING will be more memorable to your audience than throwing glowsticks, making everything glow, and then shooting glowing bubbles toward the audience. Imagine pairing that up with a couple of CO2 blasts or dry ice clouds!!

We have created many themes where we use a blacklight and aim it at neon-painted sign that the school makes to make their theme truly stand out. Perhaps they are creating a VIP room / chill lounge where students can get drinks or food and cool down away from the dance floor. Consider selling a black light package and encouraging the school to buy drinks with bright coloring! You can even buy some deep purple “UV style” gels to create a unique uplighting look.

How about lighting up the DJ booth to make your setup REALLY pop? My staff loves wearing bright clothing for this!

We’ve also arranged lighting so if you dance in the dead center of the floor, you get hit with nothing BUT black lights. This creates a dual-dance floor experience that’s a hit with high schools and teen crowds!

UV lighting has become the investment with the biggest ROI for our school dances.

Another option is bubble parties. Why not put a spin on it and do them on weeknights instead of weekdays? With some Tekno bubbles, black lights, and glowsticks, you can create an extraordinary package that will wow the little ones and awe the adults! You can even incorporate lasers that project repetitive dots or patterns to create a really unique atmosphere!

Glow in the dark bubbles and glowsticks alone will keep them busy; add games and the rest of a great bubble party routine and you’ve created a whole new niche in your area!

Another unique area, and a huge amount of props goes to Jason Jani of SCE Event Group for this, is weddings. Now, one has to be careful about black lights during first dances where glowing teeth don’t make appealing Kodak moments, but it can kick up the energy like never before. If you watch Jason’s videos, you’ll see him tossing out white gloves and running NOTHING but black lights… the energy is amazing and it creates a truly unforgettable moment!

I’ve personally used black lights (at lower levels) at a wedding to make the white decor POP and create some unique looks with fluorescent centerpieces.

Whatever your application, you can make a simple black light investment yield a large ROI that opens your market up to new dimensions! The hardest part is choosing a fixture!

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