Be Wary Of Economic Forecasts: Particularly The Optimistic Ones

January 4, 2010 by Andy Ebon

Wedding Business Building Tip #1Ten Business Building Tips To Start The New Year: Tip #1

One of the most dangerous habits to fall into, is false optimism. Any suggestion of an upturn in the economy, or easing of competition, should be flatly ignored.

Conversely, if your local news is giving dire predictions, try not to crawl into a cave.

If you have tracked the financial predictions, locally, regionally, and nationally too closely over the past two years, your head would be on a swivel.

It is easy to accept good news, because we would like things to be easier. However, it may cause one to let their defenses down.

positivityCommit to sharing your business discussions only with equally positive people. By that, I mean peers who are continually searching for, and implementing, ways to be more competitive… to survive and thrive in 2010, not crying the blues.

Don’t let the sponges soak away your enthusiasm for making progress.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

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