Banned because of the “G” word

September 18, 2011 by Ric Hansen

The Black Eyed Peas are one of those groups who have managed to walk the tight rope of acceptability while selling millions and millions.  But one silly little word out of hundreds in the lyrics of  “Don’t Stop the Party” (their newest) that had to rhyme with  identical, Aboriginal and pinnacle in the opening rap of the song spoiled it.    Yup, “get up off my genitals” lands their newest song high atop the Safe Songs, “DO NOT PLAY” list.   I jumped on the phone with Jim Weisz from  “Prime Cuts” the musical provider to thousands of the nations top DJs to inquire if there was an edited version.  Nope.

But wait one of our School Dance Network member DJ’s says Promo Only has released an edit without the use of this embarrassing body part.

I know,  genitals, is just a biological term …..but somehow the undisguised use of the word in that context,  just is not going to fly at homecoming.

If you can find, or create a “G-less” version, go for it.

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