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August 20, 2012 by Ric Hansen

Welcome back to another year.  We are ready to help make this year a great one for you with helpful insight, including our “Safe Songs” weekly updates,  additons to the NATIONAL DO NOT PLAY LIST,  updates on dance trends, and a sure fire way to market your School Dance Business to school administrators nationwide.   The top 10 safe songs to kick of the school year are dominated by the ladies.   Seven out of the top 10 are dance songs from Top 40 divas.




LW   TW    Artist    Title    Notes/info Prime Cuts #  BPM  Edit
14   1 Rihanna Where have you been 201216  128
10   2 Maroon 5 Payphone Wiz Kjalifa 201217  111  Yes
27   3 Katy Perry Wide Awake 201223  80
*   4 Ellie Goulding Lights 201109  120
*   5 Calvin  Harris Lets Go w/Neyo 201212  128
13   6 Carly Jepsen Call Me Maybe 201210  120
*   7 Pink Blow Me One Last Kiss   Must have multiple “shits” edited   201228  114  Yes
  8 Cher Lloyd Want U Back 201206  98
28   9 Havana Brown-Pitbull We Run The Night 201216  128
21   10 David Guetta Titanium 201230  125

For the complete Top 30, Plus the TOP 10 DO NOT PLAY SONGS for back to school go to the School Dance Network.


To promote your DJ business to the people that matter:  School Dance Adminsitrators,  sign up today and get a listing in the only School Dance DJ directory on the web.


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Ric Hansen is a Seattle radio executive who also created one of America’s largest event marketing companies that specializes in producing literally thousands of mobile DJ school dance events in most major cities across the country. His unique promotional partnership with many of the country’s highly successful radio stations has gained him notoriety in the radio industry, mobile DJ industry and with school administrators nationwide. His School Dance Network website ( is the go-to resource for schools, and mobile DJs looking to provide safe, clean and age appropriate dance events, yet at the same time provide high-energy and engaging dance events for teens.

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