Mobile Beat – July 2014 – Issue #157


Back to School In this issue, we bridge the gap between summer and fall, between vacation time and school time, and weekend and weekday, when it comes to serving the youth market, with: Practical advice on building rapport with the kids, from youth event master Arnoldo Offermann Ideas for also pleasing the adults as well […]

End-of-School-Year Events – By Jay Maxwell


Easy Money or More Trouble than They’re Worth? Many times the inspiration for my Play Something We Can Dance To articles comes from a recent event that we performed where something unique happened or helped me see part of our regular routine in a different light. This past week was one of the busiest weeks […]

Top 10 Tips for MCs – By Joe Bunn


I meet (and sometimes hire) a lot of aspiring DJs. Most of the time, the guys that I hire are already DJs in some capacity, whether it’s for weddings, at a skating ring, or in a nightclub. But almost always, the skill that they most lack when joining our company is being a good MC. […]

Quality Control – By Jason Weldon


We work with a lot of other companies when we do our events. Caterers, photographers, planners, designers, and more make events run smoothly. In fact, a good portion of our business comes from these industry partners, and we would never be where we are today if it wasn’t for them. And we have aligned ourselves […]

Sell Vs. Buy - By Jason Weldon


A VALUABLE LESSON FROM THE STOCK MARKET Running a business is just like the stock market. Every day people invest in new stocks or sell ones they already own and they ultimately end up with more money, less money or the same amount they started with. The stock market can be quite a brutal place […]

Rising Above the Noise (Pt 2): The Elevator Pitch – By John Stiernberg


CRAFTING HIGH-IMPACT PROMOTIONAL MESSAGES: In the last issue, we talked about how clients make buying decisions, and suggested proven ways to reach out to prospects. Sure, face-to-face is best for selling, but you need to get inquiries in order to screen out the nonviable prospects and screen in the viable ones—then schedule phone calls or meetings […]

Small Events with a BIG Impact – By Jay Maxwell


PLAY SOMETHING WE CAN DANCE TO! One of the main points that I try to get across to my freshman business students, in a class where they create their own business plan, is that you should find and focus on your target market. Finding your niche, that is, your target market is essential. Otherwise your […]


MB 156 cover-sm

MEGA MUSIC ISSUE DJs certainly have an interesting relationship with music. Obviously, the ultimate goal of all disk jockeys is to entertain an audience utilizing music as their primary tool, but for mobile DJs specifically, music is the foundation of a complete entertainment experience. Whether it’s facilitating the celebration of a wedding reception, entertaining teens […]


MB 155 cover-sm

ARE YOU READY FOR SUMMER? Although it may seem as though spring will never come, summer will actually be upon you before you know it. Summer is a good time to try new things and maybe get a handle on the art of making midweek money. In this issue you’ll learn about getting started in […]

Pinterest 101 for Wedding DJs – By Staci Nichols


HOW TO LEVERAGE THE POWER OF THE PIN FOR YOUR BUSINESS   A quick tour around your fellow DJs’ websites will show you that, compared to other wedding vendors, DJs have not quite figured out what to do with Pinterest yet. There are actually many ways for wedding DJs and other mobile entertainers to tap […]

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