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ARE YOU READY FOR SUMMER? Although it may seem as though spring will never come, summer will actually be upon you before you know it. Summer is a good time to try new things and maybe get a handle on the art of making midweek money. In this issue you’ll learn about getting started in […]

Pinterest 101 for Wedding DJs – By Staci Nichols

HOW TO LEVERAGE THE POWER OF THE PIN FOR YOUR BUSINESS   A quick tour around your fellow DJs’ websites will show you that, compared to other wedding vendors, DJs have not quite figured out what to do with Pinterest yet. There are actually many ways for wedding DJs and other mobile entertainers to tap […]

More Than JUST a DJ? – By Arnoldo Offermann

IT’S TIME TO RETHINK YOUR BUSINESS “SELF IMAGE”   “Are you a DJ or not?” This sounds like an insult, doesn’t it? It’s sort of sad how we see “just a DJ” as a bad thing. How can we expect our clients to see us as an important vendor when every mobile DJ says “more […]

Just Talking ’bout the Weather – By Stu Chisholm

THE COMPLETE DJ   YOUR GEAR VS. MOTHER NATURE: AND THE WINNER IS… Back in 2000 when I was working at Advanced Lighting & Sound in Troy, Michigan, I was asked to submit an article on the effects of heat and cold on DJ equipment. This turned out to be the first assignment I’d ever […]


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ONLINE NOW, HITTING MAILBOXES SOON – LOGIN HERE! As another year dawns upon us, we turn toward the future: some of us with anticipation of new success, others with worry about what our future has in store. While making “resolutions” to improve some aspect of our lives is a time-honored tradition (apparently the ancient Babylonians […]

How Networking Could Save Your Life – By Chuck Lehnhard

GOING BEYOND COMPETITION TO COOPERATION I have been a full time DJ for 28 years; longer if you count my first DJ job in 1969. I am here to tell you that there was no way could I have survived this long without the help of other DJs. Networking. It is a key word in […]

Tell Me What You Do – By Jason Weldon

GET READY FOR THE THREE-MINUTE DRILL If I gave you three minutes to stand in front of a group of bankers or investors and talk about what you do so they could possibly give you a loan, how would you do? What would your presentation be like? Would they be able to understand what it […]

Driving Your Ears in Style – By Michael Buonaccorso Jr.


V-MODA’S CROSSFADE M-100 HEADPHONES Over the past several months, I had the privilege to test drive V-Moda’s flagship headphones, the Crossfade M-100s. With editors’ choice awards from many major publications, plus rave reviews all over the internet, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Here’s what I found. PACKAGING The designers at […]


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ONLINE NOW – HITTING MAILBOXES SOON Here we are with another preview issue for the next Mobile Beat DJ Show & Conference—MBLV18 (our 18th show!)—coming up, February 3rd through 6th, 2014, at the Riviera Casino & Hotel, on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. And we are a excited to share with you what we have […]

A Rat Pack Record – By Mike Ficher

A BRIEF CHRONICLE OF VEGAS COOL Women? Broads. The whole world? A giant smoking section. The booze? Flowing freely. Las Vegas was a curious desert oasis of a shade more than 64,000 residents permanently, a few million visitors annually. Proximate atomic tests occurred monthly, while the Cold War was hot news. Simmering discontent over the […]