Are You Using the 3 C’s? by Paul Kida

June 27, 2008 by Paul Kida

Three keys to DJ success, from C to shining CWe all have probably heard of the three “R’s”-reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic-but do you know what the three “C’s” are? More importantly, do you know how to use them to become a more effective mobile entertainer?

For those who need some refreshing, the three “C’s” that all mobile DJs need to master are the following: Confidence, Control and Clarity. These three are a must for any DJ wanting to stand out as a master entertainer, as well as provide exceptional service to all of your clients. Let’s examine each quality to see why it is important, how it can be applied and how all three are related to each other.

First, some brief definitions of confidence: firm trust, conviction, boldness and belief in yourself. From these descriptions, can you see how vital it is to manifest confidence as an entertainer? By having a firm trust in yourself and your abilities, you not only strengthen yourself, but your confidence will be seen by your clients, thus forming that bridge of trust that is a necessary factor in establishing a solid bond an relationship between you for life. Displaying confidence means being yourself, believing in yourself. DO NOT compare yourself with others! You are unique, with your own personality and special traits. Use these differences to the full in creating your own style and persona. When you are convinced about your own capabilities, you will easily be able to convey this feeling to others. You believe in yourself and what you are doing! The positive part of your ego, your self-esteem, will shine through like a beacon that will make it easy for clients to follow your thoughts and directions. Your confidence always allows you to lead others effortlessly through any performance.

But a word of caution: Don’t confuse confidence with being an overbearing “know-it-all!” The negative side of your ego could become overblown if you turn this confidence into obnoxiousness. Whereas the positive side of ego is uplifting self-esteem, the negative part of ego is when you fail to consider others and become entirely devoted to your own self-interests (or way of doing things, or song choice, etc.). With a proper confidence in place, we can move on to our next “C.”

Guidance, management and the power of directing-these are aspects of control. This quality is necessary from the first moment we speak to prospective clients. As we closely listen to prospects, we are able to find the necessary points to subtly guide them during our presentation. Control does not mean to be forceful or unyielding. Rather, use the right amount of skillful direction to steer the conversation to your way of thinking. Used properly, you will determine the outcome, while they will believe that it is all their own idea, and you will have gained a new client.

Obviously, proper control is also needed during all of your performances. Any event that you are in charge of needs your power of direction. You are the one to confidently guide the flow of events and smoothly engage all present through each stage of the festivities. Whether you are at an elegant and fun wedding reception, an entertaining corporate event or a simple backyard anniversary party, it will be your control that will make or break the event. Adept control will lead to smooth, successful events that will no doubt translate into future references for you!

Without this last “C,” all the confidence and control you can muster will not be able to save you from disaster. What is clarity? It is simply being clear and understandable in direction and being clear and concise in your announcements. As DJs/MCs, we are communicators. Therefore, our expressions and our words must be chosen carefully and spoken well. During our performances, we should avoid high sounding or unusual language. Use words and phrases that are familiar and easily understood. We don’t want to see the audience with confused looks on their faces, scratching their heads saying, “What the heck is he talking about?” or looking at each other and saying, “What did he say?.”

Our speech needs to be clear; our diction needs to be precise. Some of us are not born with natural speaking ability. If this is the case, take the necessary time and effort to cultivate the clarity of your speech. A good method for improvement is to record yourself while reading aloud. This will help you find your weak points and correct them. I can give you a personal example: I originally began my DJ career in Connecticut and New York. When I met my lovely wife, I packed up my business and moved to Colorado. Evidently, (so my wife says) we tend to talk a lot faster in the East than they do in the West! People would look at her and ask what I just said. I had to adjust my thinking, and practice slowing down my speech, as well as minimizing my accent. (Accent? What accent?!) Another great idea is to have a fellow DJ accompany you to a gig and critique your presentation and clarity. I have had someone come with me and I also have gone with other DJs to help them. This really works! It’s amazing how such honest self-examination can help develop clarity.

Be absolutely confident in yourself and your abilities, and this will assist you as you control any situation that may arise. Add clarity of communication and you will be sure to stand out as an esteemed expert in your profession, a DJ entertainer worthy of your clients’ trust.

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Paul Kida, The DJ Coach, is a founding member of the Colorado Disc Jockey Association. He owns JAMMCATTS DJ Entertainment (www., and is a regular speaker at the Mobile Beat DJ Show.

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