Are you focused on the doughnut, or the doughnut hole?

October 6, 2008 by Andy Ebon

doughnut-chocolate-sprinkles.jpgA major challenge in today’s world of wedding marketing is the veritable unlimited number of choices to invest your time, money and marketing dollars.

Disguised as the wedding-marketing-doughnut are opportunities such as: The newest entry of bridal show or wedding publication into your market, bartering clubs, networking groups, trade associations, directory websites or leads exchange groups.

STOP! These are a ‘fool’s doughnut,’ not an actual ‘wedding-marketing-doughnut,’ These are, in fact the doughnut hole.

Ask your self this question: “Am I doing everything possible to follow up on existing leads, to make an appointment, and close the sale?”

‘Everything possible would mean actions, such as: Making an action plan for exhibiting in a wedding show, freshening its presentation, prepping and training your staff, making appointments (or sales) at the show, following up with phone calls and/or email after the show, offering a wedding showcase at your facility….. Shall I stop now?

If your marketing execution is passive: See who calls in from ads, inquires via the web, or stops by your trade show booth, then you’re kidding yourself.

Any of the aforementioned ‘wedding-marketing-doughnuts’ that will create more leads are not really the doughnut, they are the ‘wedding-marketing-doughnut-hole.’

The ‘wedding-marketing-doughnut’ is lead follow up, precise leads tracking, prospect appointments, closing sales, improving your product or service, tweaking your website, and a couple of dozen other actions.

Bottom line: Most businesses don’t really require more leads. The require incremental improvement in their business, and better execution of the sales process.

Don’t confuse the ‘wedding-marketing-doughnut” with ‘wedding-marketing-doughnut-hole.” It will be a costly mistake.

Costly mistakes can be absorbed in prosperous times. Right now, you can’t afford to throw good money at bad marketing.

Andy Ebon
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