American DJ Updates Pearl with LED

January 26, 2008 by Mobile Beat

American DJ has “super-sized” the revolution in LED effects by introducing a pair of new high-output moonflowers with 3-watt LEDs — the largest and brightest LED lamps it has put in a moonflower fixture yet! The new DMX-controllable Pearl LED Color and Pearl LED WH, a multi-color and all-white moonflower respectively, each use only one 3-watt LED to produce a dazzling output equivalent to that of a 400-watt halogen lamp.

Great for DJs, clubs and bands, the Pearl LED WH sends out razor-sharp pinpoints of brilliant white light, while the Pearl LED Color produces a stunning multi-colored display of rich, saturated dichroic beams in red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple. Their cutting-edge LED technology, combined with a special glass optical system, gives their beams an ultra-brightness and vibrancy that outshines halogen and looks great even without use of a fog machine.

Not only are the beams brighter and the colors more saturated, the Pearl LED Color and Pearl LED WH also offer users all the advantages of LED technology. They draw much less power than halogen moonflowers, making them more economical to operate and allowing more units to be run on a single circuit. Their long-life LEDs are rated to last for at least 100,000 hours, virtually eliminating the expense and hassle of lamp replacement. Since LED lamps also emit much less heat than halogen, these cool operators are able to run all night without shutting down for a duty cycle — while keeping dancers from feeling the heat under the bright lights.

Designed for versatile use, the Pearl LED Color and Pearl LEDWH can be operated in DMX, Sound Active and Master Slave modes. Both feature built-in programs for stand-alone use without a DMX controller, as well as a manual focusing lens. Both also have an extremely wide beam that covers a large area, so they’re up to the task of handling clubs and venues of all sizes.

Although huge in output, the Pearl LED Color and Pearl LED WH are very compact and lightweight in size, making them ideal for mobile entertainers. Featuring a high-tech plastic case, each weighs a mere 3 lbs. and measures 9″ x 11.5″ x 8″. Mobile DJs and bands will also be thankful for the fixtures’ cool running temperature – no more waiting for white-hot halogen lamps to cool down before packing them away.

Both fixtures come with a hanging bracket and include a ¼” input for an optional remote control (sold separately). The Pearl LED Color and Pearl LED WH each have a suggested retail price of $219.95.

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