All Packed and ready to rock!!!

July 30, 2010 by Jake Feldman

Greetings all,

Once again we are all loaded up in the Pioneer DJ flavored Mobile Beat One as well as the various support vehicles we will be using for this year’s Mobile Beat Tour.

Like last year, we will be traveling the country– instilling a higher level
Of professionalism along the way– plus having more fun than human beings should physically be able to handle.

In any case–we hope to see you on the road!


Jake Feldman (34 Posts)

Jake Feldman
Mobile Beat Gear Guru – ProDJ Publishing

Jake started his career in the Mobile DJ business as an entertainer for the local production company of ProDJ Publishing (then at the age of 17 while still in high school. When Mobile Beat was merged with to become ProDJ Publishing, Jake came on board as the resident gear aficionado as well as trade show logistics/production coordinator. While still performing nearly 70 events per year for the local production company plus his full time responsibilities with Mobile Beat, you can say Jake lives the Mobile DJ industry.

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