April 12, 2013 by Jason Weldon

I was sitting with a few of my DJ friends tonight and we were going through some of our set lists. I was totally blow away by not only the amount of acapellas one of them had, but at the variety as well. And boy did he know how to use them!

He was creating some really interesting sets by combining a specific sentence in one acapella and dropping it before another specific sentence in another full song. Let me give you an example. He had a an acapella “Give me tonight” by Shannon. He cued up the chorus “….Give me tonight, baby please don’t go away…” and mixed it in over the song he was getting out of. Quickly cut that song, so that the acapella was the only thing place. Right as the song went out our the chorus, it finished with “give me tonight” and instead of letting Shannon sing “tonight” he dropped “tonight, I want all of you tonight” and then let “Give me everything” play.

I think sometimes we get so caught up in our “same set as last week” routine, that we forget to try something different. What creative song sets can you come up with? What was can you make an acapella work for your crowd? I know I sure was thinking of a whole bunch of songs that I could use and couldn’t wait to go practice.

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