A Matter of Trust

May 12, 2015 by Jason Weldon

trust-dollarAs a quarterback in high school, of the biggest things I took away from my head coach was the ability to trust. To trust my offensive line, to trust my receivers and most of all, trust myself. Trust that everybody was going to do their job and that we were going to execute each and every time. But even with all the trust in the world, I still threw interceptions, I was still sacked and my receivers still dropped the ball. We didn’t execute. But we got another chance. We were able to try again the next play.

I find when I am talking to a lot of young entrepreneurs, they have a lack of trust—a lack of trust in other people and a lack of trust in themselves. Especially with people in the wedding business. There is a mentality that if they don’t do it themselves, somewhere along the line, something is going to be done wrong and they simply can’t take that chance. So they do nothing and trust no one.

I was talking to a DJ at the Mobile Beat convention and we were discussing how he was so excited that he had this particular partner helping him do some things. He mentioned that he could never have done it without their help. And I had to correct him. He could have. And he would have. It might have taken him a little longer. It may have caused him to make a few more mistakes. But he would have made it happen. He just hadn’t had anybody tell him that he could and that he just needed to trust his gut.

It’s funny too, because some people that have so much ability and confidence in one area, lack it when it comes to something else. They lose the trust that makes them so successful in other parts of their lives when it comes to something new and different.

As Synergetic continues to grow each year, we add more and more employees and take on more work that is new to us. In 2015 we are looking to hire three more full time employees and raise our revenue by 20%. In order to do this, I really need to be able to trust our team not only in the office, but on the ground executing the events. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. Some may say it can’t and some may say that it is just too hard. But I beg to differ. If I can trust my team around me, we can do anything. And so can you.

Here are some hints to help you learn to trust the people that are around you a little more, as well as learning to trust yourself:

Do it yourself first in a practice situation. If you are trying new lighting or working on a new speaker rig, set it up in a garage and see where the pitfalls might happen.

Hire a local production company or seasoned technician to come out with you the first time. You can watch what they do and kill two birds with one stone.

Know the results that you want from your team. Have a written down plan and over-communicate with everyone.

Fire fast, hire slow. Don’t run and hire the first person that seems right. Learn how to ask the right questions. Here is one of my favorites. “In three months, what am I going to be ‘tolerating’ about you?”

Have a clearly defined goal for the end of the year. People can’t work towards something if they don’t know the right direction.

Be patient. Know that you will mess up. You will throw an interception. But you can recover and you can do it differently next time.

Take a chance with something new. Last year I spent over $100,000 on one piece of technology. Some people thought I was nuts, but I knew what our team could do with it. So I pulled the trigger and went for it. What have you done in the last few years that took some guts and showed some trust on your part?

You can’t do it all by yourself. And you certainly can’t do it by being preoccupied by other things in your life like a full-time job that you hate. So start taking some small steps to working on trusting yourself first. You are your biggest cheerleader!

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