10 New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Trivia Hosting

January 15, 2016 by DigiGames

I hope 2015 was a kind one to you and that your trivia hosting continued to go from strength to strength. The blog here got off to a flying start during 2015 and I hope it has been a useful resource for you when you have been devising, running, improving and developing your trivia occasions. After all, that’s what it is here for.


12% more Trivia events were held across the USA in 2015, 22% in the UK and other markets continue to grow. For whatever reason, trivia nights are making a comeback and you, as a trivia host, need to make sure you are getting a decent slice of the pie. The blog should help you a lot in 2016 as we have lots and lots of exciting topics, posts and events planned and all will roll nicely together with your plans to boost your business. So sit back, relax and let us get started….


We are going to start with, I am sorry to say, an all too predictable post regarding resolutions for New Year. I am very much a “next year” man and the amount of new plans, schemes, ideas and resolutions I make each January is bordering on the ridiculous


New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Trivia Hosting – Never Get Complacent

No matter how good your 2015 was, no matter how full your diary is the one downfall to any quiz master is complacency. To keep your trivia business going you need to keep working, keep selling and keep pushing on to get bookings. It only takes a split second to loose a gig and if you haven’t done the back up work to replace it you will find yourself struggling big time!

New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Trivia Hosting – Invest in Technology

For 2016, stop putting off that big purchase of technology to aid your quiz night. Whether it’s a microphone, sound system or screen, get invested early to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to claw back your money. The trivia market is increasingly technology based so don’t miss out.

New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Trivia Hosting – Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Run at least one quiz or one round where you are doing something new. Throw  the old format in the bin and try something new. You never know it may be the start of something much more profitable.

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